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Open House - Portland Maine Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc. (ABC) would like to invite you to an Open House on October 8th from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Bet’ Ha’am Temple in South Portland. (more).

Welcome to Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc.

ABC’s Mission Statement
To provide cutting edge applied behavior analysis services with compassion for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to enhance the quality of their life. For elaboration on our mission, click here.

Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc. (ABC) is a human services agency that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and learning disorders. ABC's commitment in the delivery of services is to act with compassion, work from a team approach, and provide what is in the self-interest of every individual and family we serve. We believe we can best serve this mission by operating within the theoretical practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) derived from the philosophy of  "Behaviorism".

“Any slight advance in our understanding of human behavior which leads to improved practices in … [ABA] will eventually work for the good of billions of people.” – B.F. Skinner, 1959

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“Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit: A tool kit to assist families in getting the critical information they need in the first 100 days after an autism diagnosis” 100 Day Kit Version 2.0.pdf


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“Caring and Effective ABA.”

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